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Babies grow so quickly - it may be a cliche, but it's so true.  Taking your little one's hand and foot prints is a great way to capture and create a keepsake of their tiny hands and feet.  Inkless pipes are a great way of capturing at their prints without making a mess. American hospitals use high tech inkless fingerprinting solutions to identify newborn babies and keep them safe. The same technology is baked into BabyRice inkless handprint and footprint kits.

Highly detailed prints captured using BabyRice inkless printing wipes Highly detailed prints captured using BabyRice inkless printing wipes

Here are our top tips for making beautiful beautiful prints of your newborns lovely little hands and feet.

  1. Newborn babies end to clench their fists, so if you want to take handprints try waiting till the little one is fast asleep and sneak in for clandestine hand printing session.
  2. For handprints, gently roll the hand from wrist to fingertips.
  3. If you'd rather not risk waking a sleeping baby, try massaging the little one's palm and the back of the hand. This can help unfurl the fingers for just long enough to apply the printing solution and lay the hand flat on the paper.
  4. Footprints are much easier with newborns as, unlike the hands, their feet aren't subject to the newborn grasp reflex.
  5. To take footprints, roll the foot from the heel to the tips of the toes.
  6. Two pairs of hands are better than one! In order to get clear, smudge free prints, you really shouldn't handle the inkless printing wipe and the card that you are printing on to.
  7. Can't muster a spare pair of hands? Don't worry. Use low tack masking tape to fix the paper onto a sturdy surface. This will keep the printing surface in place without you having to touch the paper.
  8. Less is more when it comes to apply the inkless solution to the baby's hands and feet. If you overload the skin by rubbing the solution into every line of the hand you won't get the detail that you are looking for. Aim for an even coverage.
  9. Similarly, you don't need to apply much force when pressing the baby's hand on to the paper. Less is more and a gentle touch will ensure that all of the lovely creases in the skin show clearly in the print.
  10. Timing is everything. Don't even attempt to take the prints if baby is overtired, hungry or grouchy. Same goes for you. Pick a time when you and baby are both calm and content.

The tips are intended to help you get the best results possible when using BabyRice Inkless Printing Wipes. This is a supplement to the instructions provided with the kit. Please refer to the instruction before attempting to take babies prints.


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