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**DESPATCH TIMES: Non-personalised and standard kit orders are being despatched within 2-3 working days. Frames and Personalised orders are being despatched within 4-7 working days**

Home Casting Service - Worcester, West Midlands, Hereford

baby hand and feet casting near me worcester hereford birmingham

Above:  4 Baby Casts in a Large Frame with Baby's photo & Engraved Plaque:  £190.90

Our casting service makes a fantastic gift for not only new parents, but for anyone wanting a keepsake to cherish of a loved one or beloved pet. Let us do all the hard work for you and we'll create beautiful hand, foot and paw keepsakes of your loved ones.

Areas we cover

Serving areas within a 10-15 mile radius from our Worcestershire studio, we can travel to you if you are in an area starting with any one of these postcodes: B31, B60, B61, B80, B97, B98, DY10, DY11, DY12, DY13, DY14, HR6, HR7, HR8, WR1, WR2, WR3, WR4, WR5, WR6, WR7, WR8, WR9, WR10, WR11, WR12, WR13, WR14, WR15. 

If you are just outside of the above areas, but still within a 20-25 mile radius, then please do contact us as we are sure we may still be able to travel to you. We travel to HR1, HR2 and GL postcodes for an additional travel cost.

Scroll below to see some of our work, our price list and testimonials.

Please use our CONTACT US form for your initial enquiry.

Professional casting and family photography will be available in our refurbished studio premises in Worcestershire from Sept. 2023.

baby casting near me evesham

Above:  2 Baby Casts in a Medium Frame with Baby's photo:  £140.00

New parents will cherish the teeny tiny hand and foot casts we can create of their precious newborn baby.  Extra casts can be made for doting grandparents.  Baby hand and foot casts are a treasured keepsake and make a wonderful family heirloom that can be passed down to future generations.  It's a personalised keepsake family heirloom like no other!

Worcester Baby Hand and Foot Casting near me

Above:  2 Baby Casts in a Small Frame & Engraved Plaque:  £134.90

Above: Couples Holding Hand Cast £126.00

Adult hand casts (either single casts or holding hands) make a fabulous and unique gift for weddings, anniversaries and cherished keepsakes of the sick or elderly.   A perfect and stylish sculpture for any home.  Lots of poses can be replicated - clasped hands cast for a 'forever holding hands' cast, thumbs up cast, hand shake cast, pinky promise cast, I love You hand sign cast, hands holding sports equipment and so on.  Hands are as unique to each of us as are our fingerprints, and we can replicate this uniqueness perfectly.

Above: Family Hand Cast from £149.00

Family Hand Casting is the ultimate family gift, if only we could have family hand casts of our ancestors today, imagine just how much we'd cherish them!  Create your own Family Hand Cast heirloom, have something unique and true to life that will be treasured for generations to come.

Above:  1 Paw Cast in a Small Frame & Engraved Plaque:  £134.90

Dog paws can also be made into 3D casts.  Dogs are a best friend, always there when needed, loyal and faithful to the end.  We can capture your beloved dog's paw - either their paw cast on it's own, or even with you holding your dog's paw, holding on to them forevermore.  If your dog is a calm cookie we can certainly create your dog's paw cast with ease.

baby casting near me Bromsgrove

Above:  4 Baby Casts in a Large Frame with Baby's photo & Engraved Plaque:  £190.90

baby casting near me worcester

Above:  4 Baby Casts in a Large Frame with Baby's photo:  £186.00

What happens on a home casting visit

It only takes a few minutes to create the moulds that are needed to create the casts. While we are with you, we will discuss finishing and display options for your casts. For example, we can show you the various paint colours, our range of plinths and personalised engraved plaques; or perhaps you would prefer to display your casts in a beautiful a box display frame. There are so many options to choose from! Plus we can also make a bespoke frame if you prefer something different from our standard range (bespoke framing is available at an additional cost, price depends on frame material, sizing and mount requirements). If you are wanting your casts to be framed in a display frame that will have your baby's photo, then for our standard sized frames the photo needs to be 6x4". It would be helpful to have your favourite photo ready in advance of our visit.

Once we have your casts and photographs, we will undertake the next stage of creating your order back at our casting studio. Your completed order will be ready to collect from us within 14-21 days - we will contact you when your order is ready. It is possible that we can send you your finished casts by courier at a cost of £9.95 which also includes the extra packaging that will be needed to help keep the casts safe during transit. We can also send a frame or plinth along with your finished casts, the frame will be in kit form and you would need to glue the casts to the backing card yourself and then put the frame together (this is easily done with the help of our easy-to-follow instructions and we will also provide you with the glue). The balance payment for your order needs to be paid either prior to despatch (if you are wanting us to courier your order to you) or upon collection.  If you would like to 'buy now, pay later' for the balance payment, both PayPal and Klarna offer installment payments at our checkout.  Please refer to their terms and conditions.

Please note: We do not cast intimate body parts – for this, please purchase one of our do-it-yourself casting kits!

Casting Gift Vouchers are also available that can be redeemed at a later date.  

Please use our CONTACT US form for your initial enquiry.

Casting & Print Keepsake Party

Whether you have a group of friends, or are part of a post-natal, baby and toddler group, discounts can be had by hosting a Casting & Print Keepsake Party.  You can host the party at your house or group's premises, or all of you can travel to our Casting Studio in Martley, Worcester. 

With a minimum of 4 friends and their baby(s), children or well behaved dog(s), everyone in the group will receive 10% discount off our pricing.  The discount can either be deducted from each individual order, or the total monetary discounts could be sent to a charity or fundraising organisation of your choosing.

Along with 3D casting, we also offer other print keepsakes such as 2d imprints in soft clay dough, framed hand & footprints and handprint & footprint silver and steel jewellery. During the party, we will show you samples of all of our ranges and will make the necessary impression moulds and prints needed to create your orders.  Please be rest-assured there is no 'hard selling' by us, just a relaxed and fun party atmosphere without any alchohol (of course!).

Please use our CONTACT US form for your initial enquiry.

BabyRice Home Casting Service Price list (baby casting is per baby)

2 baby casts£100.00
2 baby casts in a small display frame (no photo)£130.00*
2 baby casts in a medium or our large display frame with baby's photo£140.00*
2 baby casts in a 10x12" rococo swept frame£153.00
2 baby casts and letters to spell LOVE - depending on overall frame size, price from£150.00*
4 baby casts£155.00
4 baby casts in a large display frame with baby's photo£186.00*
4 baby casts in a 10x12" or 11x14" ornate frame (*low stock on these frames)£196-206.00
TWINS - Discount for x2 lots of any of the above5%
SIBLINGS - Discount for making impression moulds/casts for one session5%
PARTY GROUP DISCOUNT (min. 4 parents, min. 4 baby(s) or children, and/or well behaved dog(s) for paw casting)10%
Parent and Child holding hands cast£136.00
1 Adult Hand Cast£110.00
2 Adult Hand Casts - Holding Hands£126.00
2 Adult Hand Casts secured on a Plinth, with personalised engraved plaque£155.00*
Family Hand Cast - up to 4 - Holding Hands£149.00
Family Hand Cast - up to 4 - Holding Hands, secured on a Plinth, with personalised engraved plaque£178.00*
Dog Paw Cast x1£100.00
Dog Paw Cast x2£145.00
One Hand Holding a Dog Paw Cast£136.00
Additional casts of same person up to and incl. 12 years old£45.00 each
Additional casts of same person up to 13 years old and over£65.00 each
6x4" Photo printing (per photo)
£4.45 each
Add an engraved plaque£4.90 each
Courier charge - if you are unable to collect your finished cast from Martley, Worcestershire£14.95
Casting Gift Vouchers also available, please enquirefrom £100.00

*Price is an average - actual price will vary depending on your choice of display frame or plinth. Quoted price is the average price paid by customers of our home casting service.  

On a tight budget?  PayPal and Klarna offer installment payments at our checkout allowing you to 'buy now, pay later'.  Please refer to their terms and conditions.

How to book an appointment

A deposit payment of £40.00 is payable before your appointment and is non-refundable once we have fulfilled/travelled to the appointment. This deposit payment of £40.00 is deducted from the final cost of your order. Once we have mutually confirmed the appointment, you can purchase the deposit payment below to secure it.

If you would like to make an appointment, please complete your requirements below and we will get back to you within 24 hours (usually by email) to confirm a convenient appointment time with you. If you are unsure of your requirements and would like to discuss the options with us, please use our CONTACT US form.

Our casting services make a fantastic gift to not only new parents, but for anyone wanting a keepsake to cherish of a loved one or beloved pet. Casting Gift Vouchers are available that can be redeemed at a later date. Adult hand casts (either single casts or holding hands) make a fabulous and unique gift for weddings, anniversaries or pre-bereavement of the sick or elderly. We cast family hands and dog paws.

Above:  2 Baby Feet Casts LOVE frame:  £150.00

baby casting near me Chaddesley Corbett

Above:  LOVE frame (3 Children) 1 Baby hand cast, 2 older children foot cast:  £240.00

Above:  4 baby casts, engraved plaque in an ornate frame:  £205.90

Please use our CONTACT US form for your initial casting appointment enquiry.


Shannay, James and baby Amelia:
Honestly I can’t thank you and Lynsey and whoever else worked on our moulds enough for the absolute piece of art you’ve given us ! We’re able to remember our little girls little feet forever, it’s such a beautiful memory that we’re always going to be able to look back on and that’s down to you guys. So thank you so much ! And you both have been such a pleasure to have to deal with ! I can’t fault you at all, you’re amazing !

Thank you so much 
Shannay x

Becky, Hereford:

Absolutely thrilled with my castings- they are amazing! 

Couldn’t wish for them to turn out better. 

Thanks again to Lynsey, she was great! 

Amanda, Worcester:

The castings are absolutley perfect! Such precious art! Thank you so much for making them for us, they are incredible!

Carrie, Tenbury:

Absolutely amazing! We had the home visit service to cast hand and footprints for our baby twins. Service was brilliant and the finished product was amazing. We had a mounted hand and footprint from our daughter from a few years ago and they matched and incorporated hers to make one piece for all the children. Taken when they were all 7 months. We absolutely love it! Well worth booking to have a home visit and know that the outcome will be perfect.

Steve, Worcester:

Great service and absolutely loved the end result. Lynsey & Emma did a wonderful job of casting our babies hands and feet and the frame was great quality. This is a lovely keepsake and we're so glad we did it.