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Babies little hands and feet are so tiny and fascinating and baby casting is the perfect way to enable you to have an exact, 3d, life-size replica of them to treasure forever!

Commonly known as Life Casting, casting is a totally safe and unique way to capture your baby’s tiny hands and feet.  Every little line is replicated, the fine detail is truly amazing and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the end result!


What's involved in the Casting process?

Detailed instructions come with all of our kits and the casting process is really easy to do yourself at home.  You will need a helper to assist you.  First of all an impression is taken of your baby’s hand and/or foot which then becomes the mould to pour the plaster in to.  To make the impression, Chromatic Alginate is used, a totally harmless and baby safe compound commonly used by dentists for taking mouth/dental impressions.  When mixed with water, the alginate soon starts its colour change process and its rapid set time is perfect to take your baby’s hand and/or foot impression with ease.  Your baby's limb is only kept in the mixture for literally a few seconds whilst is sets.  It is not painful and once the mixture has set, baby’s limb is eased out of the alginate.  When the alginate has set, it's almost like a blancmange texture and the impression mould is not ruined when baby's limb is removed from it, it retains it's shape perfectly!

Here is a basic pictorial of the process so you can get an understanding of what's involved:

All of our baby casting kits come with enough alginate and high quality casting plaster so that you can take a few impressions of your baby’s hands and feet - each 500g bag will make around 6 casts of a newborn baby and 2-3 casts for a 2-3 year old toddler.  We sell alginate, plaster and paints individually too, so if you ever need any more you can buy extra at the time of your order or at a later date.  Once the impression moulds have been taken, the next stage is to fill the moulds with plaster.  All of our kits come with high quality stone casting plaster (not plaster of Paris which is too soft and not durable enough to last more than a lifetime).  The plaster is simply mixed well with water and then the mixture is poured into the impression mould.  After around 3-4 hours the alginate needs to be removed from the plaster cast - and this is another fun part!  The alginate is gently broken away in small pieces from the plaster cast and once all removed, there is your final cast piece.  The casting plaster takes a couple of days to dry out completely (depending upon the temperature of the room), and once completely dry you can then paint your casts in your chosen colour.

If you choose to purchase our basic casting kit and then decide at a later date that you'd like to frame your casts, then please purchase from us!   We also sell our beautiful 3D box display frames separately and they are specifically designed to display baby casts.  Our small frames are suitable from Newborn to around 3 months.  Our large display frames will display a 6x4 photo of baby and the display area is large enough for a foot cast of a toddler size 7, so there's plenty of room!

You can see some examples of our customer's finished baby hand and foot castings, I think you'll agree that they have done a fantastic job.  Proof that you can do it too with a helpful assistant and patience!

We also sell Adult hand casting kits too - the result is just stunning and this kit makes a great gift for a newly wed couple, valentines, wedding anniversary, engagement gift etc.