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To make the jewellery with the prints on the process is really easy.  For adult and baby hand and footprints, fingerprints, animal prints and kissable lips, we just send you our Inkless Wipe Kit which comprises of an inkless wipe and 4 pieces of specially coated cards (sized A4). 

You simply wipe the inkless wipe over the hand/foot/paw/lips and then gently press the hand/foot/paw/lips onto the paper and magically, the most amazing detailed print appears!  The Inkless Wipe Kit is simple to use and comes with instructions. 

You return the prints back to us (postage is already paid for) where we will work our magic to reduce them in size and transform them onto the jewellery.  Please note that for adult and baby hand and footprints when we reduce the prints in size, we always keep them in proportion to each other unless if you request otherwise.

We can also put signatures and basic artwork onto the personalised jewellery.  For example, if your child has drawn you a lovely picture, or has written their name for the first time, we can use it to make an exact replica and embed it into a charm or pendant!  Or you may want to hand-write a simple message such as 'I love you' and have it on a charm, pendant, cufflinks, keyring etc for a loved one. 

If you would like us to transform a picture, please use the contact form to let us know as we would need to check first that the picture is suitable.

Inkless Wipe Kit

Our Inkless Wipe Kits are totally safe to use on babies skin.  They are produced in the U.S.A. and are used in the hospitals over there as an identification method for newborn babies.  You may be interested to also learn that the FBI use them for the not-so-innocent members of the public!  The wipes pick up the most amazing & clear print detail.

Returns:  Our fingerprint jewellery range of prints, charms, pendants etc are a bespoke silver jewellery item so we can't accept returns unless we have made a mistake with a miss-spelt name for example.