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Anika-Baby 3D Baby Casting Kits

                          by BabyRice


3D casting creates simply stunning results - the process can be quite messy, but it's relatively easy to do and the effort is more than worth it we promise!  You can read more about the casting process here, but in brief, the baby safe alginate is mixed with water - this is for making the impression mould, then baby's hand or foot is dipped into the mixture, the mix sets quickly to a texture similar to blancmange, you then remove baby's hand/foot from the mould - the alginate impression mould retains it's shape and the detail is not lost at all by doing this.  Now you have your hand or foot impression mould and the next stage is to mix some plaster with water, and then pour it into this mould.  After a few hours, you can break the alginate away from the mould (which is a really fun process!) and there you have your perfect replica stone plaster cast of your baby's hand or foot!  The process really is this simple and with the help of an assistant (or two!) you can create some amazing casts with our kits.  You can see some photos of what our customers have made with our home casting kits here, we're sure you'll agree that they all look really professional and truly amazing in one of our handmade shadow box display frames too! 

We have a huge selection of 3D baby casting kits to choose from, we probably have the largest selection in the UK!  Our materials are top quality and our alginate impression powder is totally safe for use on your baby as the alginate's main ingredient is seaweed!  (Our alginate complies with British safety standards BS 4269 Pt.2:1991 & ISO 1563:1990).  And every display frame on our site is handmade by us, right here in the UK.  You can buy an affordable basic baby casting kit which gives you the materials to make up to 6 different casts of a newborn baby (or 2-3 casts of a toddler) or go all out and buy one of our complete kits that come with a gorgeous shadow box display frame.  Whichever you choose, you can always add extra materials at the time of placing your order, or come back for more at a later date as we sell our alginate impression moulding powder, stone casting plaster, metallic paints, 3D shadow box display frames and plinths separately - please see our 'refills' page for more details.

  All orders are usually despatched within 1 working day.

TRACKING DETAILS:  For courier deliveries, the tracking details of your order will be emailed to you and you will receive a notification of despatch of your order from us by email, so you can keep track of your order.

ASSISTANCE:  Contact us by phone or email if you need any assistance in either placing your order, or the casting process itself. Our contact details are also given with the instructions that come with every kit, so if you're buying a gift for someone, they can contact us if they need any help!

Note to competitors:  Copying and/or reproducing our pictures, designs and work is illegal and infringes our design rights.  Legal action will be taken against those that infringe these rights.


'Basic' Baby Casting Kits

Larger Baby Casting Kits - more materials

3D Baby Casting Kits with Plinth Display


Baby Casting Kits with Box Display Frames


3D Casting Kits with Box Photo & Casts Display Frames


Baby Casting Kits with Shadow Box Display Frames for Photo, Baby Casts and Name details


Baby Casting Kits with Oval 6x4 Photo Space box display frames for hand & foot casts


Large Baby Casting Kits for older Babies, Twins & Siblings - these kits come with more materials and the frames have a large display area to display more baby casts!


Large 3D Baby Casting Kits with beautiful shadow box display frames - larger kits and larger frames!


See what masterpieces our customers have made using our kits - they all look amazing!


Read more about the process of casting hands and feet...


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